Press Release | 24 05 2024

University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P) and OCP Group support Climate Impulse as main partners alongside Syensqo.

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Scientific adventure


Our Guiding Vision:
a clean & efficient world

This historical flight planned in 2028 aims to be a flagship for climate action, showcasing how efficient solutions can set the world on a sustainable course. The inspiring journey will only be made possible through a shared vision and the power of cooperation, each team member, each man and woman, from the engineers to the meteorologists and the mechanics bringing their own experiences of innovation, pioneering spirit and putting their certitudes into question to power a great trailblazing adventure.

“Efficient solutions will unite people, from citizens and environmental activists to political and business leaders, shifting the narrative from sacrifice and fear to enthusiasm and hope.”

Bertrand Piccard



The success of this project will pave the way for sustainable and more responsible aviation mobility.

“More than flying around the world with a hydrogen airplane, Climate Impulse will explore new ways of thinking and acting to promote a better quality of life.”

Bertrand Piccard

“The major technological challenge is to build an aircraft around two liquid hydrogen tanks maintained at -253°C, powering electric motors through fuel cells.”

Raphael Dinelli


World Tour

Bertrand Piccard and Raphaël Dinelli are teaming up to demonstrate that solutions can effectively lift our world towards a more sustainable future.


  • Cruising Altitude:

    3000 m
  • Flight Speed:

    approximately 180 km/h
  • Propulsion:

    2 engines of 270 hp each
  • Dimensions:

    Wingspan - 34 m
  • Total Mass:

    5.5 tonnes approximately
    - including H2 and cargo
  • Tanks:

    2 tanks of liquid hydrogen of 11m3 each
  • World Tour Flight Time:

    World Tour Flight Time:estimated
    9 days in 2028


Main Partner

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Official Partner

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Mission Supporters

Axa, Bouygues, Aliaxis, Fondation Engie, BNP Paribas, SLB, Schneider Electric Foundation, ADEO, Movin'On, Holcim, Bekaert, Deutsche Telekom

Mission supporters are reserved for partners of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Collective intelligence

Climate Impulse brings together audacious partners united by a common dedication to innovation for sustainability.


Sponsorship level

  • Level 01 Main Partner
  • Level 02 Official Partner
  • Level 03 Official Supporter
  • Level 04 Service Supplier
  • Level 05 Specialized Partner
  • Level 06 Mission Supporter

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